About Visibility Coaching with Karen Brown - why visibility coaching works

http://backstagebeautylv.com/?author=10 Coach Karen Brown - Techie Goddess and Visibility CoachHi I’m Karen Brown

http://icareforchildren.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://icareforchildren.org/parenting-classes/nf-sept-5-nov-28-2018-2/ I’ve been called a Techie Goddess by the people I’ve worked with.

http://lifeincostamesa.com/tag/costa-mesa-ca-real-estate-agent/page/9/ I take complicated techie stuff back to the real world examples, so when I teach you the techie stuff that makes your business run online, it makes sense.

I combine coaching with IT training to create courses and packages for small business owners.

Why does Visibility Coaching work?

alesse birth control cost Visibility Coaching works for two reasons:

  • because coaching works. You set the agenda, create the goals and do the work.
  • if your business isn’t visible to the people who could be your potential customers, then they won’t know you exist and certainly won’t buy from you as a result.

It’s that simple.

And yet it isn’t.

It takes time and it takes work to get your business visible online and off. You have to overcome your fears of not being good enough to be seen. You have to understand the techie stuff to increase your visibility online. And finally, you have to be prepared to share your story.

For this reason, I developed two online courses, one free, one not, which will give you a taster of what you could achieve with the right coaching and techie skills.

My visibility coaching covers:

  • developing and implementing your own visibility strategy
  • developing your own visibility toolkit

As an IT Trainer and Consultant, I also teach you techie skills around:

  • creating and managing clearly branded websites
  • blogging
  • search engine optimisation
  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • creating memes.

Why choose me?

Good question.

But beyond all this, as a techie, I simply love helping people get their head around the techie stuff, and as a Life Coach, I am inspired by clients who confront self-limiting beliefs, fine their true purpose, get focused and achieve their dreams.