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Welcome to my Visibility Challenge

A free 5 day challenge to get you comfortable doing Facebook lives

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I came up with the idea for this challenge after working with a client.

She had done a number of Facebook live videos, and could upload them to her YouTube channel, but she didn’t realise that she could edit those videos to add her website address etc. Once we edited a video, we went on to upload it to her website as a video blog, or vlog. She suddenly realised that she could do this with all her videos, and didn’t have to write a blog at all, just transcribe the videos.

I then pointed out that if she were posting regular content, then her email list might like to here what she posted this week, and what she planned to post next. We came out of the session with a whole new strategy for her social and digital media content.

However, there are many people who are really uncomfortable with making videos and doing Facebook lives. I know I was. My first business coach wanted me to do them 2 years ago, but it was only last October that I finally said enough was enough, posted an event on Facebook, and then did my first Facebook live. Now I run a Techy Q and A group where I host question and answer sessions twice a week, and even set up a weight loss support group where I do weekly weigh ins live. They’ve become an essential part of my social media content strategy.

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Course Objectives

The outcome of this challenge, and course, is to be able to implement this simple strategy:

  • Plan the Facebook lives up to 13 weeks in advance
  • Create Facebook events letting people know when the Facebook lives would be and what the topic of the week would be
  • Do Facebook lives on a weekly basis, on a consistent time and day.
  • Download the videos, then upload them to YouTube, keeping them private.
  • Edit the videos in YouTube, branding them and including a call to action. Make the edited version public.
  • Get the videos transcribed, then publish a blog post made up of the edited video and transcript.
  • Inform your email list about the current blog, when the next live event would be and what it would cover.\/\/\/contact-us\/embed\/\" One Facebook live.

source url Four different channels making use of the same content, but targeting different audiences, across one week.

Visibility Challenge Course Modules:

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Visibility Challenge
Welcome to this free 5 day challenge
Module 1 Day 1
Welcome to day 1 of the challenge. I'm going to be gentle with you, so today we're going to get the basics sorted. Pop along to the Techie Goddess Visibility Challenge Facebook group to go live and introduce yourself.
Unit 1 Welcome to the Visibility Challenge
Unit 2 What is Facebook live and why should you do it?
Unit 3 What do you need to record a Facebook live?
Unit 4 Before you go live
Unit 5 Going live
Module 2 Day 2
Day 2 of the challenge. Today you will learn how to download Facebook live videos, and save them. one, you can upload videos to your own YouTube channel.
Unit 1 Day 2 of the challenge
Unit 2 How to download a Facebook live video
Unit 3 How to set up a Google account for your business
Unit 4 How to set up a YouTube account
Unit 5 How to upload a video to YouTube
Unit 6 How to download a Facebook video and upload it to YouTube - video version!
Module 3 Day 3
Day 3 of the Visibility Challenge and today you'll download you Facebook live video and the upload it to your YouTube channel. You're then going to edit it in YouTube editor, and make it public.. If you can't load the lesson on how to build a video in YouTube, it's available to view on slideshare:
Unit 1 Day 3 of the challenge
Unit 2 How to get to YouTube editor
Unit 3 A quick tour of YouTube editor
Unit 4 How to build a short video in YouTube editor
Unit 5 How to use You Tube Editor - video version
Module 4 Day 4
Day 4 of the Visibility Challenge and today you're going to tell us about a product or service. Once you've done that then you're going to download the video, upload it to YouTube, edit it and and then embed it into your blog.
Unit 1 Day 4 of the Visibility Challenge
Unit 2 How to embed your video on a web page or post
Module 5 Day 5
Day 5 of the Visibility Challenge and the last day of the challenge. You should be able to do all the course objective, so now it's time to let your email list know what you've been up to, and what you plan to go live with next week. I'd also really appreciate any feedback on your week.
Unit 1 Day 5 of the challenge
Unit 2 How to create a Facebook event
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